Jessica Edgar
Jessica Edgar


Jessica Edgar

Fortec Motorsports


Age: 17
Nationality: British

Jessica Edgar graduates to car racing for the first time in 2022, following a successful karting career that started at the age of five. She was crowned as the Rowrah Club Champion in 2017, and took several race victories in the Super One category the following year on the way to fourth overall in the Mini X30 division. In 2019, she became first female to win more than one round of the LGM category, on the way to second overall, was second in the Kartmasters GP and fourth in the British Kart Championship.

She comes from a family steeped in motorsport history; her cousin is FIA F3 racer and former F4 champion Jonny Edgar, while her parents, uncle, grandparents and great grandparents have all raced competitively too.

Jessica is aiming to use GB4 as a launch pad to W Series in the future, and has completed hundreds of kilometres of testing mileage with Fortec ahead of the season.

Career Highlights

2021 – karting                                                                                                    
4th Little Green Man Series
13th British Kart Championship
Girls On Track Rising Stars

2019 – karting                                                                                                   
1st LGM, Larkhall (Mini X30)
2nd Motorsport UK British Round, Rowrah (Mini X30)
2nd Kartmasters GP, PFI (Mini X30. 0.01s behind eventual winner)
4th British Kart Championship

2018 – karting
1st Super One Rd.1, PFI (Mini X30)
1st Super One, Shenington (Mini X30)
2nd LGM, GYG (Mini X30)
4th Overall Super One Karting Championship (Fisrt Rookie (Mini X30)
5th Overall LGM Championships (Mini X30)

2017 – karting
Rowrah Club Champion (IAME Cadet)

2013 – karting
First race in Cadet Class

2012 – karting
2nd Bambino ‘O’ Plate, Rowrah

2010 – karting
First race in Bambino kart race at Fulbeck

Jessica Edgar