Event Format

Event Format

Each GB4 Championship race weekend includes a 15 minute qualifying session and three 18 minute races. The grid for the first two races is determined in qualifying, with each driver’s quickest lap forming the race one grid, and their second quickest laps establishing the starting order for race two.

The third race will be a full grid reversal with extra points awarded for positions gained as well as for each driver’s finishing position. All scores count towards a driver’s end of championship position.

The minimum age to compete in GB4 is 15, with the minimum licence requirement being Race Club. Testing is unrestricted.

GB4 will offer drivers the chance to contest a full season of competitive single-seater racing in Britain for budgets from around £60,000 for a privateer to an anticipated £120,000 to £150,000 running with a professional team. Championship registration will be in the order of £2,500*, with full season entries circa £6,500*. A comprehensive prize package will be on offer, including a £50,000 prize fund for the championship winner towards their next single seater campaign the following season.

*prices excl. VAT

Points system

Points are scored from 35 for a win to 1 for 20th using the following system in races one and two each weekend:

1st 35 6th 17 11th 10 16th 5
2nd 29 7th 15 12th 9 17th 4
3rd 24 8th 13 13th 8 18th 3
4th 21 9th 12 14th 7 19th 2
5th 19 10th 11 15th 6 20th 1

In the reverse grid race three, points are scored from 20 for a win to 1 for 15th using the following system:

1st 20 6th 10 11th 5
2nd 17 7th 9 12th 4
3rd 15 8th 8 13th 3
4th 13 9th 7 14th 2
5th 11 10th 6 15th 1

In addition to these, points are also awarded in race three for positions gained during the race. So for example, if a driver started eighth and finished first, they would gain a total of 27 points. 


Drivers competing in GB4 will be racing for a £50,000 prize towards their next single-seater campaign the following season.