The Marzorati memo: Max sums up the 2022 GB4 season

The Marzorati memo: Max sums up the 2022 GB4 season

11 November 2022

Hillspeed’s Max Marzorati took the title fight all the way to the final day of the season at Donington Park. Although he ultimately finished third in the standings, it was a season full of highs for the British contender as he completed a season of single-seater racing for the first time in his career.

Here’s how he reviewed his year:

Best moment:
Taking the championship lead at Snetterton, the emotions that day were just unreal.

Toughest moment:
The last race of the year for sure. To not only have lost the championship but then to lose second as well was a big hit, and then losing the teams championship after all the incredible work that Hillspeed had put into it was very tough as well. Especially since we ended it with heavy damage on one car.

Favourite race of the year:
Silverstone race three (second time round). I knew what I had to do to keep the fight alive and with Nikolas Taylor starting fifth he was in such a good place to win the race, so I knew starting from the back row I had to get to second for damage limitation. It was a great race and the Hillspeed car was on rails.

Favourite driver to race against this year:
Anytime I went wheel to wheel with Jarrod Waberski or Taylor it was great. The respect I felt we all had with each other was on display all year. It was always to the line but it was never overstepped, which is very impressive considering some of the circumstances sometimes.

That what if moment:
Silverstone race one. We definitely had the pace to win that one. After having the pole and Taylor starting so far back, it was a massive opportunity to extend the championship lead. Unfortunately with the incident on lap one, he ended up leading and then the next thing I knew I had a puncture that only became apparent under the safety car in lap. The fastest lap in that race just showed what we could've done. And it would've meant having a big championship lead going into the following day.

If I could race anything next year, it would be:
GB3. I want to move back to GB3 after our mighty year in GB4 and carry on with the momentum we have built up. I'm very hungry to get this title. I think the grid will be one of the most competitive grids in Europe and probably the world in junior formulae. We have all seen how drivers at the front of GB3 have gone on to do great things and I want to add my name to that list. Winning it would mean everything!

I'm going to spend my winter doing:
Anything I possibly can to get a budget together, it's going to be a tough ask but I'm going to do everything I can to be on that grid at Oulton Park!