What they said: Oulton Park race three

What they said: Oulton Park race three

01 April 2024

Linus Granfors, Chloe Grant and Harry Burgoyne were the top-three finishers in a scintillating final contest of the weekend at Oulton Park. Here's how each driver reacted afterwards. 

Winner, Linus Granfors, Fortec Motorsport:
"It was a difficult race but I’m super happy to take my first victory here at Oulton Park.

"I spun on the first lap, so I was last on the grid. When it was the Safety Car restart, I took three places on the first corner. So then I thought maybe P5 but then they didn’t pass the one that was leading who was blocking the field. Then I was catching up but I was behind everybody. I was just trying to do some good overtakes and then I did the last overtake with a few minutes left and went first over the line.

"I've been two years here with Fortec when my brother was driving, the tracks I’ve been to before, been with the team, but I’ve never raced here. It feels incredible. I'm super excited for the next rounds."

Second, Chloe Grant, KMR Sport:
"I cried the whole in lap and I’m still crying now! So many emotions. I was quite annoyed obviously when I lost the lead but Granfors is so quick and I’ve still got work to do with not many days in the car. I think this is a really good way to end the weekend and go into Silverstone confident.

"When I saw on the board, five minutes to go, I could guess how many laps it was, I was right about three I think it was. So I knew it was the last lap and I just had to defend for my life to secure the P2 because P3 still wouldn’t be good enough, P2 is better. I’m so happy, hopefully we can have more podiums at Silverstone and during the season.

"I was fully having a negative mindset. I’m one of the drivers who wasn’t born with the talent, I’ve had to work my behind so hard off for it and I’ve never been working harder than I currently am, it feels so much more worth it now and I’m so happy. Obviously thank you to my team, KMR Sport, they’ve given me a quick car on the track and I just need to optimise it a bit more and a huge thank you to all my sponsors, Laser Tools Racing, John Clark Motor Group, Specsavers, they’re the ones that make it possible, that’s the reason I get to come racing, because of them and I’m so grateful to them for it. Thank you to my family and I’m sorry Dad I left you at home, I love you dearly and wish you were here now. Lucy’s [Chloe's sister] over there in tears, my family, I wouldn’t be able to do it without them, thank you to everyone on my team.

Third, Harry Burgoyne, KMR Sport:
"Yeah it was a very exciting race, so much going on, a lot of carnage and a lot of crashes. I think we drove a really good race there.

"We got three at the start, the first corner and after that we were picking them up one by one. I managed to get into second but the car didn’t have the pace, we had a bit of a nose push. It is what it is at the end of the day, we still came third and we still got points for the championship.

"It’s been really good points this weekend, over the whole the weekend has been really good for me. If it wasn’t for KMR Sport, I don’t think I’d be able to do it. Really excited for Silverstone and the next rounds."