What they said: Silverstone race three

What they said: Silverstone race three

08 May 2022

Lucas Romanek, Logan Hannah and Elias Adestam were the top-three finishers in the final race of the weekend at Silverstone. Here’s how each driver reacted at the end of the contest.

Winner, Lucas Romanek, Oldfield Motorsport:
“It feels amazing. I can’t believe it. I obviously got lucky with everyone battling but I’ll take it as a win. I think the dirty air played a big factor [in passing Hannah], I managed to force her into a mistake around Stowe.”

Second, Logan Hannah, Graham Brunton Racing:
“After the last three rounds that we’ve had, it’s nice it finally came together. Going into qualifying with a car essentially without a turbo to this is a fantastic turnaround for the weekend and can’t thank the team enough for everything they’ve done.

“I had the pace enough to catch Lucas back, so I probably did have the pace to win but I made a mistake coming out of Becketts, I think it was, and he got the run on me. I tried to defend it but I thought we’re here and there’s nobody behind me, so I thought we’d both push and we built a gap.”

Third, Elias Adestam, Fortec Motorsport:*
“It was a very good race. I mean, it’s a big shame I didn’t get past Mills at the first attempt because then I would have probably aim for the win, but the gap was just too big. Fortec has given me an amazing car, we were leading the Teams’ championship just before this race, I don’t know how it now, but overall it’s an amazing team.

“I’m very happy after the stall this morning to end it in a good way. I’m happy with the race overall, it’s nice seeing some pictures being shown on the cameras with us battling. It’s always good having a yard stick and Nikolas [Taylor] is very good, there’s no doubt about that, he’s won twice now, it was only on the reverse grid he didn’t win. So there’s no doubt he’s a very good driver but now we have to utilise because I was the one that had to make the decision to take some good points, and now we did, so I’ll keep pushing with Fortec. Overall very good.”

*Adestam was speaking before he was issued with a time penalty