Sherwood’s summary: Elite contender recaps maiden single-seater campaign

Sherwood’s summary: Elite contender recaps maiden single-seater campaign

15 November 2022

Jack Sherwood jumped from Ginetta Juniors into GB4, but it didn’t take long for him to look like a single-seater veteran. A first podium at Silverstone started a run that saw him on the podium more often than he was off it, and took two wins as well on his way to fifth in the standings.

Here’s how he summed up his maiden campaign of slicks and wings racing:

Best moment:
I would say the best moment for me was the Brands Hatch weekend, taking three podiums and fastest laps. We really showed our strength at that round, I just really enjoyed the car and track. It was super challenging getting to the lead and then maintaining that gap on old tyres on a track as unforgiving as Brands GP.

Toughest moment:
Toughest moment had to be Silverstone race one when we got crashed into. The team had done such a great job making the car competitive over the two test days. I think we went from like two seconds off on the Thursday to two tenths off pole on Saturday. We then made a really good move to put us P1 but then the crash happened. It was hard because to do all that work to get to that point then it all gets taken away is really tough, I think it’s also where our championship fell apart.

Favourite race of the year:
Favourite race had to be the last race of the year. We had a really tough weekend so it was nice to show I still had it with going from P13 to P4 and it was just really enjoyable racing people and overtaking.

Favourite driver to race against:
I’ve really enjoyed racing all the drivers this year but I would say the Mills guys have been really good to race against this year, for example race one at Brands. But I would have to say Tom Mills, we’ve had some close races, he’s very fair but still tough which makes the racing very enjoyable but also looks good on TV as well.

That what if moment:
I would say the biggest what if moment would be Silverstone race one again, I think if that hadn’t happened we would have been in a better place going into the last round, championship wise.

If I could race anything next year it would be...
If I could race anything I would probably say GB3 just because I enjoy driving the car and the amazing tracks they go to, but I also really love F4/GB4. I think another year in F4 machinery would be hugely beneficial for my career.

I'm going to spend the winter doing...
I’m going to spend my winter preparing for next year so plenty of time in the gym. I like to do a lot on the sim and obviously time in the car which is most important and the most enjoyable so I’m hoping to learn a lot over this winter and be fully prepared for 2023.